I recently played through Untrusted, a JavaScript game that encourages you to add code to its levels, in order to progress. It has been quite fun, especially level 13, which required you to write AI for a bot in the game. Without spoiling the fun for you, this post explores...

Ever wondered which color transition function to use to get from one color to another? Ever wanted to create a site without hard-coding all similar colors?

Imagine that you need to borrow a hosted CSS file, along with its resources. You paste the CSS contents in a text editor, and start searching for url() patterns within it. After seeing 100+ matches, you bless the name of the CSS sprite-oblivious person who built it.

Quite a bit of people find the default vimtutor too static for their learning style. Here's a list of sites that let you learn Vim in a more interactive way.

Have you ever wondered how it feels to write a HTML5 game? Мy wife and I did, and we created the game Life of Blobb for the js13kgames competition. The participation has proved very educational, especially because of the constraints: