The Holy Grail of reusable style frameworks is to provide ways to change colors easily. After all, sites need to match the brand identity. Exposing SASS variables like Bootstrap's $brand-color, Foundation's $primary-color, and Kendo UI's $accent allow this. But what if scripts need the values of these variables?

Lately, I've been working on the theming system of Kendo UI for Angular. The system has turned out rather nicely, providing a hefty set of features that we could not ship previously. One of the elements that allowed this is the (surprisingly simple) dependency infrastructure.

I recently played through Untrusted, a JavaScript game that encourages you to add code to its levels, in order to progress. It has been quite fun, especially level 13, which required you to write AI for a bot in the game. Without spoiling the fun for you, this post explores...

Ever wondered which color transition function to use to get from one color to another? Ever wanted to create a site without hard-coding all similar colors?